About me

The first thing I would like to say is that, in the main, I am a painter, and I love it. I love the "stuff" of painting and have a real passion for the process. I try to use it to express thoughts, feelings and deep emotion; to explore and depict themes of Christianity, mankind and nature.  I love the paint itself and allow myself the luxury of taking risks with it - I have developed a trust that it will work for me and have a confidence in it to be viscous, flesh like, alive and moving as it forms mounds and ridges, or flows and runs into rivulets, forming the most fascinating surface qualities.  When left to its own devises paint can form a visual impact far superior to anything, that I as an artist could try and force it to do.


My methodology is simple - I oscillate between abstraction and figuration, acknowledging that once a painting is clearly defined I have an overwhelming urge to make it more obscure.  Once it is obscure I have the same urge to make it more defined.  Somewhere along this continuum the work will "feel" right.  It may be at a stage where it is clearly defined or far more abstract, it may have taken weeks, months or years but there is a point at which I just know the work is finished.

Present Practice

Working freelance from my studio in Cheshire. Art permanently on display and for sale.

Light of the World paintings on permanent display at St John Church Centre, Hartford Cheshire. Small group talks on this body of work arranged by appointment

Arts Coordinator, Arts 4U, St Johns Church Centre, Hartford Cheshire

Art of Eden - joint commercial and private projects

Private Collections

  • Chester, Cheshire
  • Sandbach, Cheshire

  • Crewe, Cheshire
  • Hartford, Cheshire

  • Northwich, Cheshire

  • Swanland, East Yorkshire
  • Goole, East Yorkshire
  • Little Kelk, Yorkshire
  • El Gouna, Egypt
  • York, East Yorkshire
  • Atlanta USA